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What is Muscle Release Therapy?

Muscle Release Therapy is a type of massage that rehabilitates posture and balance to the body by releasing irregular tension in soft tissue and muscles. As the therapist assists the client’s body to return to its natural, neutral postural position the client will experience a reduction in pain and discomfort in movement and at rest.

How does Muscle Release Therapy work?

Trained therapist encourages muscle tissue that is disturbed by sudden injury or repetitive motion, to relax back into a neutral posture. This process removes any abnormal adaption and compensation patterns that are causing pain in parts of the body. Once this process has been done the treated muscle will respond back into motion enabling movement with reduced or no discomfort at all.

Why does Muscle Release Therapy work?

The human body has a range of motion and movement. It constantly try to keep it balanced and moving. This often results in complicated patterns where the body uses muscles in ways they were not made for. Over a period of time the muscles become exhausted and causes pain and discomfort in parts of the body. Muscle Release Therapy analyzes the entire body to bring the source of discomfort and pain to light. The symptoms that causes pain and discomfort can then be released by removing its causes and bringing about balance in the body.

How is Muscle Release Therapy different?

The techniques the therapist uses during a Muscle Release treatment uses body treatment and weight. This technique brings the body back to it natural state. When Muscle Release Therapy is used regularly it helps prevents injuries and speedy recovery.