About Us


No Pain! No Gain!….sounds familiar

Muscle Release by JD is here to “manage pain for Gain” Striving to lengthen any short muscle joint with a variety of techniques beyond massage.
Living in what is said to be,” a flexion society.” Constant head tilting while reading text messages, emails on our cell phones to long hours of computer work for a living because we have job to do. Also long commutes. All together this creates stress, followed by:

– Tension headache

– Limited ROM (Range of Motion)

– Mid-Lower back pain

Professional athletes are not the only group of people who incorporate healthy lifestyle with extreme workout regimen. Civilians adopt the same regimen such as;

– Running

– Cycling

– Cross fitting

– Bodybuilding & etc.
Anyone can benefit from the variety we implement to improve your physiology.

– Scapula release

– Lower back release

– Resistant stretching etc.